Tuesday, January 16, 2007

When All Else Fails....

My bro, in a post of several months ago, began by saying 'When all else fails talk about the weather'. Alas, such is the case up in Vermont these days unless you really want to hear more about how cute Evelyn is, or how she can and does get into the ready to crawl position several times an hour. But I digress.

We were in Brattleboro the other day and overheard someone calling our weather this winter 'freaky'. I hate to admit it, but there is no other way to describe 60 degree weather in January in Vermont. We all thought it was summer, only without the mosquitos. The warm weather was nice through December but now it is just strange. Thankfully the temps now have dropped to a respectable 15 degrees and thanks to a recent storm everything is covered with a beautiful sheet of ice, which isn't as nice as snow but this year it will have to do. Actually, few things are a pretty as the sun shining on a tree when every branch and twig is covered with a quarter inch of ice. Few things except Evelyn that is.


It's been a very long time since I was reminded of how breathtakingly beautiful an ice storm is on the trees. Thanks.
yeah, ditto what gs said. i think you got our winter, because it's been freezing here, like 35 degrees at night, which has all the transplants shivering and wearing 5 layers. oh wait, that was because i was at the rink all weekend.

anyway, i may be biased but i *do* want to hear about evelyn's progress! =D

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