Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well, if you insist

In a recent comment Andrea said she wanted an Evelyn update. Ordinarily that is all it takes to get me going ad nauseam, but in this case I will try to contain myself.

Evelyn is doing just great. She turned 8 months old yesterday. Her tooth count is still at 2 - the 2 bottom front teeth. These came in more than a month ago and we keep waiting for the next ones but they are taking their time.

It won't be long before she starts to crawl. In the past week she has taken to getting up on all fours (used to be she would get up on all fives with her head being the fifth limb that she used for balance) and rock back and forth. Where do they get that from? It isn't as if Linda and I go crawling around the house and she is imitating us. Anyway, I hear the rocking is the step just before crawling, and she does seem to get the moving her knees forward motion down, but hasn't coordinated it with the moving her hands forward motion. Anyway, two days ago she managed to go from her back onto her tummy to up on all fours to leaning back until she was sitting upright! The first time she had ever sat up on her own!!! We were much more excited than she was.

In all she is a happy healthy baby who laughs a lot and whose favorite game is peek-a-boo. She is up to two meals a day of mush, in addition to a snack of mashed banana just before bedtime. The goal of this latter is to try to get her sleep a little more regulated. Unfortunately she pretty much stays up to about 11 and then gets up about every hour and a half to two hours until 3AM. After that she is pretty good until about 8AM or so. Her sleep pattern is getting pretty tiring for Mom and Dad, but the rest of the experience is just a joy. We took her contradancing twice in the last month and both times I did my dances with her strapped into the front pack. She loved the motion and didn't even get sick on anybody. Always a good thing!


How cute! They grow so fast, don't they?

In just six and a half more months, I will be starting a journey into parenthood (will I be claramothers then? Who knows!)

Very cute about the head being the fifth limb! And kudos to the babywearing!

How about "claranurtures"? Oh, wait... you're that already.

Clara: Congratulations!
wow, i could copy and paste her sleep pattern into my blog and it would be spot on! we try to wind down before 11, but she'll fall asleep between 12 and 1, up around 3 or 4, again around 7 or 8, then finally up for the day around 11 or 12.

luckily work isn't too picky about what time i get in. whew.

what's sometimes annoying is when well-meaning people comment that it's way past her bedtime when we're out past 8. excuse me? how would you know when her bedtime is?

and congrats, clara! cute. two of my students used to bring their son (now two) to our partner-dancing class. they's strap him on in a snuggly (either around front or in the back). and now he loves dancing!

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