Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I don't usually post links...

...but this was fun! Create yourself as a character from South Park. (Thanks to Kristin.) This is me:


you're chinese? =P
Andrea, I suspect you know very well what I look like. :)

Actually, in my South Park incarnation, my eyes are scrunched tightly shut, and my mouth is tightly pursed. This is my Providing Tech Support To Boneheads look (patent pending). When I did the South Park thing, I had just finished a classic: Last week I installed some new software for an engineer in my department. I said, "Let me give you a quick five-minute tour of this software," and he gave me a withering look and said, "I have two college degrees. I think I can figure it out for myself." So I thought, fine, and left him. Then, just before I did my South Park character, I received an IM from him that said, "How do you use this software to do 'function x.'" I answered, "You click the button on the toolbar that says 'function x.'" With "that look" (patent pending) on my face. :)

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