Monday, January 01, 2007

The Holidays

Happy New Year! So far the new year has treated me well, except for the fact that I was called into work at about 11am. Oh well....

Evelyn's first Christmas went just great! As can be expected, she was much more intersted in the gift wrap than the presents (toys, a christmas ornament, books and clothes) and we tried in vain to tell her that wrapping paper is not a chew toy.

Linda was pretty disappointed. This was her first Christmas in Vermont and we were hoping for snow, but alas the first snow that stayed didn't come until the 28th, so we had a green holiday up this way.

Not to sound too disgusting, but our new year was marked by mucous instead of confetti. Poor Evelyn has a pretty bad cold & a runny nose, so we took turns holding her last night. Poor thing didn't feel uncongested enough to lie down until about 3am and she is still cranky today.

Happy holidays to all!


happy new year! poor evelyn! val had a cold too, i blame too much partying. then of course i got it, don't know how liz managed to avoid getting sick. two weeks later, i think she's finally kicked its butt. the only thing that remains is a little cough and goopy eyes. blech, she's going to grow up thinking mommy wants to poke her eyes out.
My sympathies! I am glad that Val is feeling better. Evelyn is going to think we have an unholy interest in her nasal passages. At about 11 the other night we finally broke down and used an aspirator. It seemed to help, but God knows I can only imagine what she thought we were up to. actually, her cries pretty much told us what she thought.
omg, the aspirator was the epitome of evil, but it got so much more snot out that i'd ever be able to with a tissue. poor thing, i tried it on myself and it was a really creepy feeling. i felt terrible, but it made her breathe so much better.

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