Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well, it wasn't much but we finally got a little bit of snow - enough to take Vermonter Evelyn out for the first time. Here is the report: She doesn't like eating snow, which isn't too surprising since everything we feed her either already comes at body temperature or is heated to do so. She is indifferent to sledding and, as you can see from the photo, isn't all that thrilled with winter wear. Oh well.... maybe next year she will be old enough to make a snowball.


This is a picture that Evelyn will be able to use against you when she gets older. :)

And if she seems indifferent to sledding, take her down the hill behind your house. Her hair will be standing straight up and her eyes will be the size of baseballs.
...when she gets hair
so cute! i love the one on the left where she looks like she's thinking, "geez, i can't move!"

sam would always looked terrified but the minute a scary ride stopped, she'd make the sign for "more". =)

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