Wednesday, December 06, 2006

They told me there would be days like this

My work day runs generally from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm. Linda works late afternoon/early evening teaching dance and gymnastics. Although I often have to attend evening meetings, these generally start at 7:00 pm, half an hour after Linda gets off work. The point is that we have managed to avoid having to put Evelyn (now at 7 months) in day care, which means that she doesn't have to be exposed to much. However, that did not prevent her from reaching a milestone yesterday: her first cold, complete with a runny nose and little sneezes. The poor thing, can you imagine having a stuffed up nose and not know how to blow? Evelyn could sleep just fine last night as long as she wasn't laying down, which meant that Linda and I took turns holding her on our shoulder pretty much all night so she could get some rest. What did people do before 24 hour TV broadcasts?


Before 24 hour TV? Wow, I had forgotten about those times. But it's come back to me now: All the channels going ssshhhhhhhhh at some point during the night and staying that way until morning, and me getting up early in the morning and sitting in front of the TV listening to and watching the ssshhhhhhhhh while waiting for the first cartoons to come on.

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