Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thank you!

Mucho thanks to everyone who provided information for our upcoming Bay Area trip, both in comments and by e-mail. You're fabulous! And keep it coming, if you like.

For the record, we are definitely changing our plans for accomodations. And who's up for lunch or brunch?

Thanks again!


All depends, if you are changing your accomodations from warm and sunny Napa to say, cold and snowy Vermont in February, then we could do lunch. If the changes aren't quite so drastic then I'll have to pass.
I'm always up for lunch at the Chelsea Royal Diner! Except I'll pass on the meatloaf this time.
what? no meatloaf? that's sad.

definitely up for whatever, as wen said, we'll organize a group outing. do you know when you'll be here?
It's okay, Andrea, the mac and cheese more than makes up for the meatloaf. (You can read about it here, scroll down to Monday.)

Sorry about omitting the dates -- I wasn't expecting such a reception. We're flying into Oakland on Friday, 9 February, and will be in Napa that whole weekend and the following week, if anyone wants to plan a visit there. We have no particular plans for Napa at this time.

We'll be returning to the Bay Area around midday on Friday the 16th, and be there through Sunday the 18th. We have an early flight out of Oakland on Monday the 19th.
I'm up for a visit!!

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