Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mixed message

It is winter in Vermont which means that we are gearing up for our annual town meetings next March. Persons who want items voted on at town meeting are circulating petitions in their towns, trying to get the signatures of 5% of registered voters, which is the minimum number of signatures needed to bring a question before all the voters at town meeting.

One of the popular petitions this year is a petition to impeach George Bush. I have mixed feelings about this. I am in no way a fan of our current president (personally I think he will go down as one of the worst presidents ever), but there is no way around the fact that removing him from office means....Dick Cheney will be president. That is an even scarier thought. When I voiced my concerns to one of the Vermonters circulating the petition he explained that he doesn't actually want Cheney to become president. As near as I can figure they are either hoping that their call for impeachment will fall on deaf ears, or that George will be impeached and acquitted. The first option seems rather meaningless, and as to the second, I think the Senate has better things to do.



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