Monday, November 27, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas was always a big event while I was growing up. We would decorate the inside of the house. I have early memories of Dad stringing the outside of the house with big colored lights (this being prior to the invention of small Christmas lights). Of course, we always had a well decorated tree and, being Catholic, even an Advent wreath from time to time.

However, more than 20 years of being on my own and away from family had its effect. I would decorate only sporadically. From time to time in my 30s I wouldn't even put up a tree. I guess I thought that Christmas was a family holiday, and with no family of my own and being removed from my family or origin I increasingly never bothered.

Then along came Linda. To say that Christmas is a big deal in my wife's family is to be guilty of a tremendous understatement. It is not exagerrating too much to say that Linda's job is not complete until every corner of the house has some kind of decoration in or on it. She has, I kid you not, a dozen boxes of Christmas decorations in the basement, each labeled by room. In addition to garland, wall hangings, cards, candleholders, two creches, decorations above every doorway and snowpeople and/or santas on every shelf, Christmas nightlights, a full box of Christmas movies and music, we also have Christmas plates and glasses, Christmas towels and, yes, Christmas tree salt and pepper shakers.

I hate to admit it, but its kind of nice.


LOL, it's ok, we won't tell anyone of your admission, secret's safe with us. =)
Pictures! Pictures!
Will do, as soon as the tree is finished.
i have christmas bulb (ornament) salt and pepper shakers. along with, i think, 4 boxes of christmas stuff. it's nice to know there's someone worse than me though. ;-)

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