Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Borg are among us...

...and they're multiplying.

More and more often, I see someone shopping... eating... walking the dog... getting money from the ATM... even speaking with me (and that's the freakiest) -- someone who was once entirely human, but now is only pretending to be normal and apparently believes I will fail to notice that he has a cyborg appendage permanently attached to one ear!

Come on, people! You don't need to be wearing your Bluetooth earpiece when you're not on your phone! Especially when you're talking to me! Does anyone besides me find this distracting, and even bizarre?


Resistance if futile....

Fortunately we don't have the infrastructure here in Vermont to support such devices, and frankly I doubt that very many dairy farmers would wear them. I agree that it is rude and distracting, but am afraid that it is also the future. I imagine our parents felt this way when teens started carrying around transistor radios.
you don't need additional infrastructure to support BT, your cell phone is the one that deals with it.

i thought it weird too, but when i'm expecting a call, i put the headset in because i usually can't hear my phone when it's in my back pocket and, with glasses, it's a PITA to put it in so i'll leave it in sometimes.

it is, however, distracting when you're sitting across the room from a bald person that has a BT headset in because it *is* very borg-like.
When my brother talked about the infrastructure in Vermont, I don't know if he was talking about BlueTooth as much as he was talking about cell phones. :) I've said that where my brother lives is very rural. Well, it's very rural. Like, in the middle of the woods rural.
This is so embarassing.... However, since I admit to being technologically ignorant (my english ain't too good either), I hope you will forgive. I thought a BT was a cell phone that was worn in the head. Turns out it isn't.

On the plus side, our town now has its very first cell tower.
i'm with you, greg. creepy and borgish. yeah yeah convenience yada yada.


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