Monday, October 16, 2006

Two photographs

Because it's easier for me to post pictures than to compose a thoughtful and insightful essay (heh), I offer you two photographs:

We have moderately strict security requirements where I work, which means no one in the buildings except employees or people on business. No bringing the kids in with you while you work on a weekend, or anything like that. But we had an open house for friends and family this past weekend, and so here's Judi, sitting in my chair at my workstation:

Judi at my work

I apologize for the iffy quality, but cameras are not allowed in my workplace (more security), and so I had to use my Treo (whose camera is allowed -- go figure).

On a completely different note, I had (past tense) a tire on my car that was slowly leaking. One morning, as I left work on an errand, I felt the steering wheel pull and knew the tire was low. I turned into the next parking lot and hooked up my portable compressor, on hand for just this purpose. While I was waiting for the tire to inflate, I saw this, and my camera was (as it always is) at hand:

Water drops

You can click on either to see a larger version.

"You can click on either to see a larger version."

psst, no, you can't.
nice. :)
"psst, no, you can't."

Um, that was just a test, to, you know, see if anyone would actually try.

Okay, no, it was a screw-up on my part. But it's fixed now.

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