Monday, October 09, 2006

Speaking of Dinosaurs

They say that confession is good for the soul, so here on the eve of my 47th birthday here are a few confessions:

1. I have only a vague idea as to what a 'Blackberry' is.

2. I have only even touched an ipod once, and that is because someone left one in my car and I had to return it.

3. I have never downloaded music, and wouldn't know how.

4. I need to carry a cell phone for job reasons, but I only use it as a phone. I don't know if it is capable of much else. For months I didn't know how to retrieve messages or how to turn it off, and only found out when my 22 year old nephew took the time to walk me through it.

5. I used to use a PDA, but got tired of it crashing my computer, and went back to carrying a calendar with me.

6. I have never played an on-line game.

7. I know what IM is, but am unsure as to what piece of technology it relates to. I think it is a function of cell phones.

There, that felt good.


oh dear, i suppose a sidekick would make your head explode...or bring you up to date by addressing 4, 5 and 7.

i guess you're not doing too bad, unlike my parents, you know how the internet works, except they're 65+. =P
Sidekick? You mean like Tonto, the Robin the Boy Wonder, Krypto the Wonder Dog, or George W?
Dubya aside, those may be more apt comparisons than you realize. I can picture a Danger ad campaign....

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