Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Scenes from a Pumpkin Time

Every year about this time of year Keene New Hampshire hosts its annual Pumpkin Festival. This year Linda, Evelyn and I, along with Linda's visiting niece Sasha spent an enjoyable if somewhat chilly Saturday afternoon wandering Main Street checking out the 24,000 jack-o-laterns that were brought in for this year (and yes, three of those were ours). The goal was 30,000, which would have beat the world record of 28,000 that were brought to Keene a few years back. Alas, Boston has jumped on this particular bandwagon and now they hold the record for the most pumpkins. But we still had a great time.


Judi and I think that we would like to attend this event next year, maybe taking some time to visit Boston in the same trip. Do they know yet when next year's will be? If not, can you let us know when you know?
Will do. I have never known it to be any other day than the 3rd Saturday in October, but I don't know if this is a hard rule or if next year's date has been set yet. Boston's was the same day on the Boston Common. The 2 towns are about 2 hours apart which would make visiting both would be difficult (the best time is late afternoon/early evening so as to see the pumpkins both in daylight and again just as the candles become visible). Bennington VT will be vying for the title this weekend. Let me know if you plan of visiting - we can provide space for you to prepare your entry.
I didn't mean to suggest that we'd visit the pumpkin festival in Boston. We'll do the festival in Keene, then just visit Boston later as regular tourists.

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