Monday, October 02, 2006

Airsickness bags are provided in the seatback in front of you

As I was driving home from work today, NPR news was airing an clip from a woman -- seemingly educated and soccer-momish -- who lives in Mark Foley's Congressional district (which is one district south of where I live -- local news for me). She said something like the "outroar" against Foley was evident. I put it down to a slip of the tongue, until a few sentences later when she repeated it, something like the "outroar" would be growing.

I dunno... outroars happen all the time, but do you think there will be an "upcry" as well? There could well be. People in south Florida should keep a close lookout for upcries. You can never predict what will happen when an upcry breaks out. But the real danger is that there will be, as the election approaches, an anti-Republican outheaval in the voting population.

Oh... sorry. I made a big lexicographical boo-boo there. "Outheaval" means to hurl chunks. I don't know how I could have made that mistake.


maybe she meant "uprage", since the rage is already out, it must now go up.

makes sense to me...
or an uphurl, which is typically found in low-gravity situations.
Thanks for the smiles, andrea and wen. I love the comments feature.

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