Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ups and Downs

This past weeking Linda, Evelyn and I were fortunate enought to attend the annual retreat for our local Quaker meeting, of which we are fairly inactive members. The event is held at a summer camp in the Green Mountains, though of course we are now in the off season for such camps. The trees have just started to turn up in the higher elevations, and while there were a few brilliant red trees most were still hanging on to their green for a little while. The weather is supposed to turn cool this week which means the colors should start to come in in force soon. Followed, of course, by tourists. (Yesterday I started that other fall tradition - stacking the winter's firewood. Sore arms today).

The retreat was very low key and very relaxing. Evelyn enjoyed being the center of much attention. I can report that she had her first ever spill. I had her in one of those strap on carriers where she was in front of me facing out (as she insists) when I stepped onto a slippery board and went down. Yikes! Fortunately, I landed on my side and she landed on my arm. She was fine, except for being scared, but we had an anxious few minutes while looking her over, wondering about neck injuries, etc. I guess babies are pretty flexible.

Evelyn also celebrated her 4 month birthday on Sunday. She celebrated by drinking milk (as she always does). Mom and Dad celebrated by stopping by the Sweet Surrender coffee shop in Ludlow VT for coffee and sweets. That is where this photo was taken. Evelyn is gazing toward the distant hills, probably waiting for the time when her legs will be able to run over that way.

She is vocalizing quite a bit now. It is almost as if she has realized that she has some control over those vocal chords and is experimenting with different sounds. She hasn't discovered consonants yet but she is pretty good at the vowel sounds. I know that communication is many months away, but sometimes it almost seems as though she knows that somehow these noises are intended to communicate. She will look straight at you and start in on one of her long aaaahhhhs. Very cute.



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