Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stylin' and Profiln' -- Inside-out Insight

Cord Skirt

Today's stylin' and profiln' entry is the skirt pictured here. No, I'm not talking about the wisdom of wearing a mini-skirt when it's apparently cold enough to justify fur-lined (faux, I'm sure) boots. The lady has probably coated her legs with teflon.

I'm talking about the pockets....

They're on the outside. There are two Big Reasons why pockets on the outside are a Bad Idea:

Big Bad Idea Reason #1: Do you really want to walk down the street knowing that people are looking at you and thinking, "Does that lady know her pockets are pulled inside out?" Or, worse yet, "Look at that lady! She's put her skirt on inside-out!"

Big Bad Idea Reason #2: You can't use these pockets to carry anything bulky or heavy. I mean, really, how would that look, with the pockets sagging and slapping? With these pockets, you can't carry anything bigger than a credit card.

But then, to that, the lady in this picture looks like she's saying, "What's your point?"



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