Thursday, September 21, 2006

Slow learner

I don't even have "I didn't know" to use as an excuse. I heard, on the news early this morning, a NASA spokesman cheerfully announcing that "the runway lights are lit." But then it was a little after six and I was just starting my shower when it sounded as though someone banged a couple times on my front door. Loudly. I shut off the water and jumped out. Strangely, the dogs weren't barking. Was there really someone at the door? I wrapped a towel around myself and went out into the living room. It was quiet. No follow-up bangs. I was a little unnerved, because it was early and dark and a bang on the door under those circumstances couldn't be anything good.

I opened the door a crack and peeked out. No one. I padded around the house. Everything seemed in order. Nervously, I went back to my shower -- you kinda feel vulnerable in the shower, you know. But no sooner had I turned the water back on that I knew what it was. Of course!

For two decades now the space shuttle program has been my neighbor, and still, after all this time, it mystifies me when I hear the sonic booms that it makes as it's landing.

That is so cool! Have you ever seen it land?

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