Thursday, September 07, 2006


Inspired by my bro, I took the bold step of figuring out how to post a photo. Guess what I chose as a subject? This is Evelyn at 3.5 months. She has figured out how to roll onto her tummy but doesn't really know what to do once she gets there.


Wow! I am darned impressed! What really impresses me is that you reduced the image size to 320 x 240, when I know the original was much larger. One of the things that really burns me is a picture on the Internet that's a gazillion pixels by leventy-billion pixels, and I'm sitting here on my dial-up connection at home, drumming my fingers while it takes twenty minutes to download and thinking, "People! This is the Internet. Not the Metropolitan Museum of Art."

Oh... and Evelyn is a cutie, too. Notice the look she's giving us. It seems deep way beyond her years... er, months.
Thanks! The new digital camera takes photos that are, in my opinion, way too large and take way too long to download. If I knew how to set it to a 'draft' mode I would do it for speed purposes alone...

You still have dial-up at home? I thought that rural Vermont was the only place in America where high speed was not available.
High speed is available. I just don't have it.

BTW, if you want to say 3½ instead of 3.5, the ½ symbol is created by typing ampersand-poundsign-189-semicolon (without the dashes -- it should be a total of six characters when done).

For the record, ¼ is the same sequence of characters except the number is 188, and ¾ is the same with the number 190.
dial up? what's that? =P

evelyn's a cutie! that look, if she's anything like val, is "HELLOOOO! I'M ON MY STOMACH AND I DON'T LIKE IT. HELP ME OUT HERE!"

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