Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another First

This is the Vermont contributor checking in. Unlike my bro, I haven't read much of substance except for parenting related books in a long time. Alas! There was a time when I could have contributed culturally to these pages. As it is, Linda and I are slogging through "The Vaccine Guide, Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults". If we are talking about genres then this qualifies as a horror story. After hearing some initial stories about how vaccines are loaded up with mercury (supposedly as a preservative) we held off on the standard 2 month shots for little Evelyn. The more we read the more alarmed we get as to the short and long term effects of the various vaccines and the side effects of the shots on developing bodies. Increasingly we are hearing from parents who have chosen not to give their children vaccinations until 24 months, and there are some studies that show that this reduces harmful side effects by 80%.

On to more mundane items, illness of a lesser sort struck the Smith household this week. Linda, Evelyn and I all had minor colds. The little one fared fairly well, her primary symptom was lethargy. Unfortunately she wasn't comfortable enough to sleep much so we spend many late night hours comforting her until she felt better. We are glad to report that she and we are feeling much better.

Last piece of trivia for this post: One of Evelyn's favorite games these days is something we call 'sit-ups' in which she starts out laying on her back and she grabs one of our fingers in each of her little hands and we pull her into a sitting position. She loves to sit up although she doesn't have a lot of balance yet so we have to suppot her little shoulders while she looks around proud as punch before she settles into the difficult task of examining her own feet.

OK, one more: Evelyn succeeded in getting her left big toe into her mouth this week. Talk about a milestone.


yay, go evelyn! *clapclapclap*

i really didn't think i'd be as interested in val's progress, but every little progress is so dang exciting! "omg, she's sticking her tongue out!"
I admit to being embarassed to be one of those parents who dotes over every little thing Evelyn does. But, as you say every little thing is exciting.

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