Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stylin' and Profiln' -- "WTF???" Department

First, a note of explanation about the title of this post: Multiple question marks signify incredulity.

I mentioned in an earlier post that, among many others, I get the Victoria's Secret lingerie catalog. Not that I look at it. I don't. Not me. I swear! You gotta believe me. But I couldn't miss this -- it was on the cover. Really. And this is what was on the cover:

Button Fly

Will someone please explain to me why ladies underwear needs a button flap? Seriously. And if they're going to put in a flap, then why isn't it... you know... down where it provides access to... something (blush). What's up with this? Can someone explain it to me?

No, wait, I have a better question:

Who thought up this idea, and why does he make more money than me?

Okay, that was really two questions....

Footnote: It is entirely a coincidence that Andrea happened to post about this same subject last week. She just beat me to it.


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