Sunday, July 16, 2006

'n the 'hood

I pulled into my driveway yesterday to find this bunny having lunch in my next-door neighbor's front yard. Or rather, having my next-door neighbor's front yard for lunch:

Lunching Bunny

My brother and sister-in-law (not to mention my new niece) live in (extremely) rural Vermont, and I'm sure they can't walk out their front door without having wildlife scurry across their toes, but where I live in suburbia a bunny in a front yard is worth taking a picture of. This bunny was good enough to wait while I got out of my car, got my camera from the trunk, changed lenses, and took this portrait. However, I did not get him (or her) to sign a release, so please don't let him (or her) know I've published his (or her) picture here.

I'll tell you, seeing a bunny lunching on a lawn really brightens one's day.

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Nice picture. Bunnies are one of the guaranteed day-lifters. We don't see too many of them around here. Either it is because our house in in a wooded area or else maybe the coy-dogs got 'em.

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