Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Law of Contrary

To begin, changing your pants while sitting behind the wheel of your car may seem like an okay idea, until you have to tuck in your shirt.

So today I had a CAT scan of my bad ankle. My foot was casually taped to a table while the table moved about a foot back and forth through the donut hole of the scanner. It would have been a forgettable experience except that a recording of a female voice constantly repeated, "Please do not move. Remain still. Do not move. Relax." Loudly. Over and over.

This, of course, created in me an irresistible desire to twitch.


Isn't that the way of these things? It's like that phone hold voice that psychs you into thinking they've picked up by breaking into the music and asking you to please continue to hold as your call is important to them! LOL. I think some uninterrupted relaxing music would be better in both cases. :)

Hope everything comes out okay on the scan!
LOL! I'm sorry you had to endure that! I hope your ankle is ok.

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