Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here we go again!

At 11:00 am Eastern Time today, Alberto became the first named storm of the hurricane season. A season that started just eleven days ago.

I don't think anyone from Florida reads this blog, and so you probably haven't been following the news, so I'll fill you in:

Alberto is currently projected to pass over the Florida Pennisula during the day on Tuesday. The most likely path is well to the north of where I live, though I am still well inside the cone of probability. However, Alberto is poorly organized, with sustained winds of only 45 mph, and is not expected to strengthen, so it's really nothing to worry about...

...except that we have our first named storm only eleven days into the season.

Oh joy.


On the plus side,NPR reports that Alberto will bring you some much needed rain.
gah, how do you deal with this every year?!
My parents live in Bradenton and my sister and her hubbie are in Orlando, so I get the "residual" storm info up here. I hope this one missed you.

I love how they talk about them, though. Like "Alberto, what a mess, he's so poorly organized, he might not end up knocking much down afterall." (Not to make light of hurricanes in general as I know they are very serious, but this just struck me as funny!)

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