Saturday, May 06, 2006

Still hangin' in there

Still Waiting. The baby is now 5 days overdue, and the days when Linda talked about liking being pregnant are over. There is a long history of late babies in her family, and while she always thought ours would be late I was of the opinion that 'it would never happen to us', and that the tyke would show up on time and ready to go. Certainly that is only the first of the expectations that will have to change with parenthood.

Linda and the baby are both doing fine, she/they went in for a checkup on Thursday and got a clean bill of health. The baby is in position and labor can start at any time. He/she is active, it is certainly amazing to watch her/him move around in there, pushing as if he/she doesn't know that Linda's navel is not the exit door. Linda is staying active, although these days 'active' means taking strolls instead of hikes on mountain trails. We are fortunate in that there are 3 towns in a 20 mile radius that actually have sidewalks to walk on! Although we live in Vermont now, for 6 years I lived in Santa Cruz, CA and although for the most part I don't regret leaving SC to come home to New England, it sure was a great town for walking. Oh well.....


Santa Cruz is a great town for walking (I live there). Congratulations on the new addition to the family!

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