Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Many thanks to my big bro for the chance to guest-host this blog. Of course, I have only visited one blog and that is this one, so I don't have too much to go on as to how these things are supposed to go.

A little intro is in order: I am Greg's younger and better looking brother (he may disagree). I do not live in sunny and warm Florida where one can go to the beach in January. Instead I live, with my wife Linda, in eastern Vermont. To give you some idea of the contrast between Florida and here: last Sunday, on April 30th, I put the snowblower away for the season and took out the lawnmower. Of course, Murphy says that that is a sure sign that it will snow this week, but so far it has held off.

As Greg mentioned, the big news up this way is that Linda is due to give birth to our first child any day now. Actually, she was due to give birth to our first child last Monday, but apparently the little tyke never got that memo and has decided to hold on for a few more days. We don't know the gender yet, having decided that we didn't want to know ahead of time. That is when you find out what useful colors yellow and green are. Nice, safe gender nuetral colors. Yep. In any case, our bags are packed and in the car. The car seat is strapped into the back seat. The crib is assembled. The diapers are purchased. The onesies a all neatly folded (probably for the last time). We are about as ready as we can be, just waitin'

By the way, unlike my bro, who has a high paying high tech job in a cutting edge company in a rapidly growing area, I am the town manager of a small town. We don't have a single stoplight and the nearest multiplex is 20 miles down the road. We live on one of the main roads in town, which you can readily tell because its paved. Our kind of place! Linda teaches dance and gymnastics in a nearby studio, and only stopped doing handstands about a month ago.


welcome! and congrats on the baby! i'm chuckling at how your lives are polar opposites. the only similarity could be that you can wear birks in both places and not get funny looks. =D

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