Wednesday, May 31, 2006


In a moment of insanity my dear brother said I could continue to post to this blog, so here I am. Thanks!!!

I do not have the stunning and cutting insights of my dear bro. Even if I did I would probably keep them to myself. When you live in a small town you learn to keep your moutn shut. One never knows what can come back to bite one.

But I do have a 14 day old daughter. Little Evelyn is still doing fine. She is busy working on that whole focussing thing these days and has finally figured out how to follow things around the room with her eyes (did I mention that they are cute?). Sometimes it almost seems that she has figured out that those things that sometimes wave in front of her field of vision (her hands) are actually attached. Being a parent is really a kick and Linda and I are enjoying it quite a bit. It is so strange, but when it is your child the 4am pacing of the floor doesn't seem to be so bad. We have been taking her for walks in the nearby woods. She seems fascinated by the whole outdoor thing which is pretty interesting. She spends minutes just staring at trees and sky. I would love to know what is going on in her little head.

Enough for now. There are downsides to this 4am schedule.


ha, i know what you mean with the "4am isn't so bad when it's your kid" thing. =D

val sometimes crosses her eyes too, which freaked me out in the beginning. now, i tell her to not cross the streams...because we had just watched ghostbusters.

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