Sunday, April 16, 2006

Stylin' and Profilin': The Sequel

A little while ago I posted about some of the ridiculous clothing I see in the many catalogs that I get in the mail. It's time for a redux. Today's first exhibit are the shorts in this picture:

Yoga Shorts

Actually, taken by themselves, there's nothing wrong with these shorts. They're even kinda cute. What makes them Exhibit A is that the catalog identifies them as "Yoga Shorts."

Yoga shorts? Now really, I ask you, when someone designs clothing for a specific activity, don't you think it's reasonable to expect that that person has actually performed that activity his or herself? Or at least has some passing familiarity? Because I'm pretty sure that the guy (I suspect it's a guy) who designed these shorts didn't know anything about Yoga except how to spell it. And even that's questionable. Who would wear these shorts to practice Yoga? I dunno. But if it's you, my only suggestion is that you wear cute underwear, because when your arms and legs are in a position resembling a plate of angel-hair pasta, your undies are going to be on display to God and Country. Or at least the rest of the Yoga class.

Exhibit B for today is a skirt that I'm sorry to say I've actually seen real teenagers, or at least aliens impersonating teenagers, wearing, in real life. The experience has left me emotionally scarred. So much so that I can't comment on it. When I try to comment, my fingers tremble so hard that they can't find the keys. Here, I will try to comment: hfloaeubudeljkfbaeuibvlkrhilsva;liu! See? My fingers also have trouble finding the space bar.

Anyway, if you would like to comment, please feel free. I will just describe it: It's a denim miniskirt, to the hem of which has been attached a four-tier gauze prairie skirt. The horror! The horror!* See the picture:

The horror! The horror!

* Extra credit: If you can identify where the phrase "The horror! The horror!" is from, either the book, or the movie that was based on the book but has a different name, then let me know and I'll send you a gold star to put on your forehead! No googling, now -- you are smart! You can either post a comment or, if you're shy, send me a message at gss at att dot net.


lol, why are you looking through these catalogs? you *like* beating your head against the wall?

though your ranting and raving is entertaining so i can't complain. ;)

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