Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stylin' and Profilin' -- Busted!

So... Andrea asked why I go through the ladies apparel catalogs looking for gaffes. I am so busted! The truth is that, although the catalogs come to my address, I do not go through them. Judi does. She's actually looking for stuff to order. But every so often she'll chortle (and when she makes one of these finds she does chortle) to me, "Look at this! Who would wear this? Do you think anyone ever buys one of these?" And so the finds that I post about are really Judi's, and I have been using them without attribution. Much like Ben Domenech did at the Washington Post. I feel pretty low. As Ben Domenech probably does. But, honestly, I only feel low because I was busted. As Ben Domenech probably does.

But the similarity between Ben Domenech and me ends there, because Ben Domenech resigned, and would have been fired if he didn't. Alas, as far as I have been able to tell, I am not being paid to post to this blog. So I am not an employee. I am a slave. And, as everyone knows, slaves can't resign or be fired. They have to be bought. And who would want to buy me? So my slave status gives me happy immunity from any consequences of my malfeasance. Phllluuuuuuuu! Take that, Ben Domenech!

I promise I will give Fair Attribution to Judi when I pass on Her Gems in the future.

P.S. Andrea, you'd make a good detective. You ask the questions that make guilty people sweat. I sweat buckets.


ha. your judi link is busted too, you put .con instead of .com. that must be your guilty conscience talking. =P
Man!!!! I can't slip up at all without Detective Andrea pouncing!

Kidding aside, I appreciate your letting me know. It's fixed now. Did you check out Judi's bunny slippers?
heh, yep, i figured out the url and they're adorable! then laughed at the thought of the angst i'd create for gus if i got a pair of slippers that looked like stuffed animals. =D

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