Monday, April 24, 2006

Mo' Blue

My last post was about blue water, so this segues, in a wierd kind of way that appeals to me:

The music scene isn't bad around here (where I live), considering that it's not a major metropolitan area. Tourists, I guess. Anyway, our own 800-pound-gorilla among the local bands is Absolute Blue. They started out in 1991 as a blues band, but now they play everything. In fact, their sets are made up entirely of audience requests, albiet played in Absolute Blue's unique style, and with Absolute Blue's unique brand of audience participation.

In 2004, our newspaper started something like a local Grammy Awards. Readers vote in a number categories -- Entertainers of the Year, Best Guitarist, Best Drummer, etc. -- and then there's an awards ceremony. That first year, Absolute Blue not only won almost every category, but they did so by such overwhelming margins that they were banned from ever being nominated for the awards again. The newspaper realized that as long as Absolute Blue was competing, no one else would stand a chance. They are that popular. Whether they are that good or not, you'll have to decide for yourself. But they are that popular.

Anyway, the point (as you probably know, I have a tendency to wander before I find my way to the point -- it's a symptom of age) is that the band makes up a new slogan every year or two, for their promotions. Here is a sampling of official Absolute Blue slogans, now retired, for what I hope is your enjoyment:

And their newest and current slogan is:

Picked Last In Gym Class

I can relate.


Hope they don't get in trouble! "Last One Picked" is the name of a local group in our area.

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