Sunday, April 23, 2006

Endless water

Wen posted about the amazing shades of colors -- greens and blues -- that you see in the Carribean waters. Her words made me nostalgic, and I spent some time looking back through my own pictures. I offer you these three. You can click on any one to get a larger view, if you like.

This first one is a bay on St. John. The guide told us which one, but there are so many bays on St. John, and so many names, that I can't tell you now. But I'm pretty sure that this is the one that the guide told us that some years ago a storyline on the daytime drama All My Children was filmed in this bay, and Susan Lucci, in the guise of Erica Kane, basked her little bod on this very beach, in front of these beautiful waters:

St John Bay

I took this next picture from Annaberg Point, also on St. John. (This picture is a lot more striking if you click on it for the larger view.) The water in the foreground is covering submerged coral. Then there's a brief band of brilliant blue, and then with startling suddeness the color turns to what Wen so appropriately and originally called "Tidy Bowl Tanker" blue. How does this happen? I don't know:

Annaberg Point

This final picture doesn't actually have any amazing blues. I'm just including it because I like it. It was a serendipity picture, taken from the balcony of my cabin on the Norway:

Endless Water



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