Friday, March 17, 2006

Stylin' and Profilin'

I used to do a lot of my shopping from mail order catalogs, and now I do most of it on-line, so I get a lot of catalogs in the mail. This is the off season, so I only I get two or three every day. In the run-up to Christmas I can get as many as ten a day. Did I say a lot? Most are from companies that I never shopped with -- selling my address around, I guess -- and sometimes I wonder how I made it onto the mailing list of, say, a catalog that specializes in officewear for professional black women. But I did.

Anyway, in the catalogs from one particular company the models look like they are teenagers, or at least were teenagers in the recent past, so I guess the styles are aimed at teenagers, but still, sometimes I just have to shake my head. Take this, which is called an "asymmetrical skirt":

Asymmetrical Skirt

I'm pretty sure Buffy was wearing something just like this at the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie, not the crappy TV show), so now you, yes you, can look like you've just come from an apocalyptic battle with an army of vampires, without so much as having to wield a broken chair leg.

And here's an asymmetrical skirt that's perfect for the female teenaged prison inmate who wants to look like she's just come from an apocalyptic battle with an army of vampires:

Striped Asymmetrical Skirt

I was never a huge fan of prairie skirts, and I detest the new gauchos, so you can imagine my reaction when I saw this bastard step-style, the (I kid you not) prairie gaucho:

Prairie Gauchos



that was simply...horrifying.

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