Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mother of Pearl 5" x 7" Frame

A little whole ago there was a short discussion on Liz's blog about gift registries. On-line gift registries are great. My nephew is getting married three weeks from today. (I can say "my nephew" because I have only the one, but there's a fifty-fifty chance that soon I will have another.) He and his fiance have on-line registries with two national chain stores. I just sat here and in a few minutes perused both lists, saw what had already been bought for them, and made my purchase, to be delivered to my door, hopefully before three weeks have passed. What could be cooler than that?

The only thing that bothers me (a little) is that as items are selected from the lists, they are marked as "fulfilled." So my nephew and his fiance can log on at any time and see what they're getting for wedding gifts. They just don't know who they're getting what from. Shouldn't a wedding gift be, well, a surprise? That took some of the edge off the experience.

The other thing about public gift registries is that they tell you something about the people receiving the gifts. For example, exactly why do my nephew and his fiance want a poker card table that converts for blackjack?

Anyway, RJ and Hilary, the Mother of Pearl 5" x 7" Picture Frame that you already know you're going to get? It'll be from me.

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