Sunday, November 20, 2005

Parenting skills

The scene is a supermarket having an "extraveganza" in anticipation of Thanksgiving Day. There are Big Sales, coupons for Big Discounts that are only good for a couple of hours, Free Food in the form of a buffet, and... Santa Claus is here!

A mother is standing with her two young daughters.

"Can we see Santa now?" they chime. "Can we see Santa?"

"Not yet," says mother. "I have to use the bathroom. You wait here."

Obediently, the two little girls wait. The mother returns.

"Can we see Santa now!" they erupt.

"No!" the mother says sharply, "You can't see Santa yet. I have to find out if he's a pervert first."

I'm sorry, dear two readers, but I am not making this up....


omg, *falls over laughing*

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