Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Living Within One's Means

Yesterday I was having lunch in a nearly-empty restaurant. Three guys were seated at the table just behind me. Because I couldn't see them, I don't know who said what, but it doesn't matter. Just picture three guys talking:

"I don't understand how someone can win $50,000,000 in the lottery and then be broke a couple years later."

"Me, either. Me, I wouldn't even need $50,000,000. Just give me a couple million in the bank and I'd be set. I'd just keep living the way I'm living now. I don't need a mansion or an expensive car. I could live off the interest easy."

"Yeah, you're right. The thing is to not let the money go to your head. I wouldn't even quit my job. I mean, I like my job, so why should I?"

"Yeah, I like my house. I don't need anything bigger."

"But I'd have another house somewhere else, too. You can't live in just one house."

"Yeah, I'd have three houses: One in south Florida, one in Texas, and one in Sacramento." (gs: Sacramento?)

"Yeah, three houses is good. And I'd have a cottage on one of those Greek isles."

"Yeah! That's what I'd get, too. And I'd have a house somewhere in Asia, too, because I love Asian food."

"And you know the thing to do would be to take one of those year-long cruises that goes around the world."

"Yeah, that would be something I'd have to do, too. What you really have to do is visit everywhere so you know where it is you want to have homes."

Just three grounded guys who would never let the money go to their heads....


makes you want to scream, "ARE YOU LISTENING TO YOURSELVES???"

then again, why bother.

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