Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Discouraged, and I want more potatoes on my plate

I'm discouraged.

I've talked to a bazillion (not to be confused with a Brazilian) agents, and not one of them thinks my idea for Vegan Slasher is any good.

Know any agents who can see the next big thing coming?

In the meantime, I'm back to my small potatoes life:

We were having lunch in an upscale, moderately high-priced restaurant. The place was practically deserted -- it was just us and one other party. The other party was two men and two women. They all ordered sandwich wraps -- ten dollars on the menu. When their food was delivered, and the waitress placed a plate in front of one of the men, he immediately said, quite loudly:

"You take that plate back to the kitchen and put more fooood on it. There's not enough fooood on that plate. Put enough fooood on it to fill me up. For ten dollars I deserve to be filled up."

Judi leaned close and whispered, "If I was sitting at that table, I'd tell him, 'Here, if that's not enough you can have what's on my plate, because I'm waiting for you in the parking lot, and I'm never having lunch with you again.'"

To her credit, the waitress took this horrifying display in stride, whisking the plate away and returning with it a few minutes later. Judi thought the wrap looked fatter.

Other than that, it was a wonderful lunch.



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