Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mid-life crisis, anyone?

Yesterday I arrived in my Cube Farm at work to find a page from our local newspaper on my keyboard. It was the "police blotter" page -- the one that lists all the recent arrests and such. This paragraph was highlighted:


1:03 p.m. Monday. Arrested: Gregory Smith, 36, of 110 Polaris St., Cocoa. Charges: possession of drug paraphernalia, ran stop sign, driving while license suspended, leaving the scene of an accident without rendering aid, grand theft.

Under the paragraph someone had written, "Hee! Hee!"

I immediately picked up the paper and crossed my Cube Farm to Maggie's station, where I had this conversation (me speaking first):

"Maggie, did you leave this on my keyboard?"

"How did you know it was me!"

"The 'hee hee' was a dead giveaway."

"Oh. Aren't you glad that wasn't really you?"

"Actually, I wish it was me."

"But if that was you, you'd be in a lot of trouble!"

"If this was me, I'd be 36 again."

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